Arabescato Cararra 12x12 Honed and Beveled Tile

  • Arabescato Cararra 12x12 Honed and Beveled Tile

Arabescato Carrara marble is an exquisite combination of soft whites and dusty grays that swirl together in a timeless marble pattern. Create beautiful marble countertops, shower surrounds, accent walls, and other design features throughout homes and commercial properties. In addition to slabs, Arabescato Carrara white marble is available in a wide array of coordinating white tile featuring patterns, octagons, mosaics and more.


Item Description :
Collection :
Primary Color(s) : White
Other Industry Names(AKA) : Chinese White,White Carrara
Material Type :
Country :
Available Finishes :
Chips Per Sheet :
Variations MEDIUM

Available Sizes

Slabs & Countertops

2 CM


Size Finish
4x4 Honed
4x4 Tumbled
3x6 Honed
6x6 Honed
4x12 Honed
6x12 Honed
6x12 Polished
6X24 Polished
12X12 Honed
12X12 Polished
12x24 Honed
12x24 Polished
18x18 Honed
18x18 Polished
24X24 Polished
18X36 Polished

Decorative Mosaics & Wall Tiles

Size Finish
12x12 Honed
12x12 Beveled
6x6 Honed
6x6 Beveled
4x4 Tumbled
4x4 Honed
4x4 Beveled
3x6 Honed
3x6 Beveled
2x2 Honed
2" Octagon Honed
1x3 Honed
1x1 Honed
1" Hexagon Honed
5/8x5/8 Honed
1x2x12 Honed
3/4x3/4x12 Honed
Pattern Honed
Pattern Honed
2x4 Honed and Beveled
Pattern 8mm Split Face/Honed
Pattern Honed
Pattern Mixed
4x12 Honed
Pattern Honed
4x12 Honed and Big Beveled
Pattern Polished
2x4 Polished



Wall / Backsplash


Light No
Heavy No
Wall / Backsplash
Freezing Climate YES
Exterior Usage YES