Ashlar Rock Interlocking 3D Pattern in 8x18 Mesh

  • Ashlar Rock Interlocking 3D Pattern in 8x18 Mesh

Alternating thicknesses, contrasting tones, and mixed glass stone blend gives the Ashlar Rock Interlocking 3D pattern an enchanting, engaging appeal. Interspersed translucent glass mosaic tiles add even more depth to this visually and tactilely engaging pattern. Almond, cream, and cocoa are the dominant colors in this backsplash tile intended for wall installations.


Item Description : Ashlar Rock Interlocking 3d Pattern In 8x18 Mesh
Collection : Glass Stone Blend, Emperador Dark, Crema Marfil
Primary Color(s) : Beige
Other Industry Names(AKA) :
Material Type : Glass Stone
Country : China
Size Pattern
Available Finishes :
Chips Per Sheet : N/A



Countertops No
Flooring No
Wall / Backsplash Yes


Light No
Heavy No
Wall / Backsplash Yes