Bianco Arabesque 6mm

  • Bianco Arabesque 6mm

Blanco Arabesque is an exquisite ceramic mosaic tile. The combination of the arabesque pattern and ecru color effortlessly elevates existing home decor or can set the stage for a whole new makeover. The raised pattern mosaic has a glossy sheen and is designed for use on walls and countertops, as well as light use commercial purposes.


Item Description : Bianco Arabesque 6mm
Collection : Ceramic
Primary Color(s) : White
Other Industry Names(AKA) :
Material Type : Ceramic
Country : China
Size Pattern
Available Finishes :
Chips Per Sheet : N/A



Countertops Yes
Flooring No
Wall / Backsplash Yes


Light Yes
Heavy No
Wall / Backsplash Yes