Cafe Forest 2x2 Tumbled in 12x12 Mesh

  • Cafe Forest 2x2 Tumbled in 12x12 Mesh

Café Forest is one of our most daring marble collections. A backdrop of champagne, taupe, and fawn provides contrast for deep cocoa, chestnut, and espresso veins. Our 2x2 tumbled tiles, available in a 12x12 mesh, showcase the beautiful variations this marble contains. Café Forest is suitable for nearly all residential applications, and light-duty commercial applications.


Item Description : Cafe Forest 2x2 Tumbled In 12x12 Mesh
Collection : Cafe Forest
Primary Color(s) : Brown
Other Industry Names(AKA) :
Material Type : Marble
Country : India
Size 2x2
Available Finishes : Tumbled
Chips Per Sheet : 36.0



Countertops Yes
Flooring Yes
Wall / Backsplash Yes


Light Yes
Heavy No
Wall / Backsplash Yes